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Ministry of Local Government & Housing,
Tingkat 2, Baitul Makmur, Petra Jaya, Medan Raya,
93050 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel: 6082-319614
Fax: 6082-311216

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Local Authorities In SarawakLocal Authorities In Sarawak

Total Number Of Local Authorities  In Sarawak -

26 PBTs


City Councils

Municipal Councils

 District Councils





Line Of Reporting

Chief Minister’s  Department

Ministry of Local Government and Housing

  • 2 City Councils (DBKU & MBKS)
  • 1 Municipal Council (BDA)
  • 1 City Council (MCC)
  • 3 Municipal Councils(MPP,SMC,MPKS)
  • 19 District Councils
    (8 Divisional & 11 District Councils)


Functions Of Local Authorities Taken Over By Federal Government

•Pentadbiran Sekolah-sekolah Rendah (1973)
•Klinik Kesihatan Ibu Dan Kanak-kanak (1979)
•Perkhidmatan Bomba Dan Penyelamat (1981)


Core Functions Of Local Authorities

Part IX - Sections 97 - 139 of the Local Authorities Ordinance, 1996 stipulates the various core functions of Local Authorities are as follows:

  • Maintenance, repair and lighting public roads, places and buildings vested in and under the control of the local authority
  • Supply of utilities to the local authority areas
  • Provision and maintenance of public drainage systems
  • Provision and maintenance of a system for removal of waste  and sewage
  • Provision and maintenance of a waste disposal and treatment facility
  • Acquisition or improvement of any area which is insanitary and/or dangerous to health
  • Performance of any duties imposed by any written law to the extent to which the law confers power or duties  on the local  authority


Roles Of Local Authority’s Secretary

Section 35 LAO, 1996
Implementation of council decision and administration by Secretary as Chief Administrative Officer

The Local Authorities Financial Regulations, 1997

  • Secretary as Warrant Holder to ensure proper management of the budget in accordance to rules and regulations. Delegation of power to Councillors relating to account and finance Not Allowed

  • Secretary as Controlling Officer answerable to Permanent Secretary and State Public Account Committee.


Legal Frame Work Governing The Function Of Local Authorities

8 Main Legislations And 34 Regulations,  Rules, By-laws And Orders;

1. The Local Authorities Ordinance 1996 (Cap.20);
2. Building Ordinance, 1994 (Cap.9);
3. Entertainment Ordinance, 2000 (Cap.33);
4. Protection of Public Health Ordinance, 1999 (Cap.30);
5. Road Transport Act 1987 (Act.333);
6. Food Act 1983;
7. Destruction of Disease Bearing Insect Act, 1975 (Act 154); and
8. Destitute Persons Act, 1977 (Act 154).


Subsidiary Legislations

  • Local Authority Service Regulation, 2000
  • The Local Authorities Financial Regulations 1997
  • The Local Authorities (Rating ) Regulations, 1997
  • The Local Authorities (Election Advertisement) By- Laws, 1990
  • Local Authorities (Compounding of Offences) By-Laws, 1999
  • Licensing of Miscellaneous Occupations By-Laws, 1961
  • Local Authorities (Advertisement) By-Laws, 2012
  • Local Authorities (Cleanliness) By-Laws, 1999
  • Burning-Off By Laws, 1961
  • Dog Licence By –Laws, 1961
  • Hawking By-Laws, 1961
  • House Numbering By-Laws, 1961
  • Markets By-Laws, 1965
  • Parks By-Laws, 1965
  • Regulations of Building By-Laws, 1962
  • Storage of Petroleum By-Laws, 1962
  • Pound Fee Rules, 1967
  • Refuse Collection & Disposal By-Laws (of various Local Authorities)
  • Vehicle By-Laws, 1961 (of various Local Authorities)
  • Compulsory Disludging of Septic Tanks By-Laws, 1998
  • Entertainment By-Laws, 2001
  • Entertainment (Compounding of Offences) By-Laws, 2002
  • Barbers and Hairdressers Shops Regulations, 2003
  • Laundries Regulations, 2008 (DBKU & MBKS)
  • Public Swimming Pools By-Laws (of various Local Authorities)
  • Public Convenience By-Laws, (of various Local Authorities)
  • Public/Private Car Parking By-Laws (DBKU, MBKS, SMC, MCC)
  • Hotels and Lodging Houses Regulations, 2003
  • Road Transport (Provision of Parking Places) Orders (various Local Authorities)
  • Speed Limit Rules
  • Food Regulations, 1985
  • State Public Service General Orders, 1996 (as modified for Local Authorities)
  • Government Service Circulars
  • Standing Orders of Various Local Authorities